Day 1-April 18

Luke 1-2

Observation: It is so encouraging to me that God not only gave her an angelic encounter, but also gave her Elizabeth who would believe her and understand her and encourage her. 

Question: Who is Theophilus? It is possible that Theophilus is a generic name since the meaning is “loved by God” or “friend of God.” There are several theories as to who he is assuming he is a real person. The simple answer is that he is likely a high-ranking or influential Gentile.

Application: It is notable that Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the temple and gave the required offering. To raise Jesus, they needed to obey what God had already revealed. I want to focus on doing what God has already prescribed in His word. 

Prayer: Lord, just like Mary, I offer myself to You as Your servant. Use me however You desire. 


  1. Zachariah doubted at first, but had enough faith to return home to his wife and conceive a child. Proof that our God is a God of second chances. We fail God daily in our human weakness, but He gives us opportunities to make up for our shortcomings by relying on His strength through our faith.

        • I love the opening to Luke where he expresses his desire to write his account alongside those that had already been written. Luke adds important details that were not included in others. I think this reminds us that God uses our experiences and our stories to tell His story!

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