Day 2-April 19

Luke 3-4

Observation: Take note of the emphasis on spiritual warfare in this chapter. Satan knows scripture well enough to distort it. The demons know who Jesus is when people are figuring it out. Most importantly, Jesus is powerful over the forces of evil. 

Question: How could John be in prison in verse 20, but baptize Jesus in verse 21? Luke intentionally summarizes John’s ministry before presenting Jesus’ ministry to us. Chronologically, John is not put in prison for quite some time after he baptized Jesus. I suspect Luke wants to move the focus onto Jesus, which was the goal of John’s ministry. 

Application: I want to follow Jesus’ example and fight off temptation by relying upon God’s word. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I praise You that You were tempted every way as I am but without sin. I praise You that are perfectly holy and the sacrifice for my sins and My Savior. 

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  1. I have never really recognized the work of the Holy Spirit in these chapters. In 4:1 (Jesus is full if the Holy Spirit and was led by the HS), 4:14 (Jesus returns in the power of the HS) and in 4:18 the scroll Jesus reads (The Spirit of the Lord is on Me.) I am grateful for the Trinity and the work of the Spirit in my life.

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