New Testament in 100 Days

Reading Plan: (see bottom of page for reading plan) There are a few primary ways NT reading plans are written. One is just to read straight through from Matthew to Revelation. The potential downfall of this plan is that reading the four gospels consecutively can become repetitive or possibly confusing. Two, you can read the NT chronologically. This would combine all of the gospels to where you might read the same exact story two or three times on the same day. Its benefit is that you have a good guess at where some of the letters in the NT occur in relation to the Book of Acts and to one another. Three, the plan we will use will separate the gospels and connect different parts of the NT.

Luke-Acts will be the first part we read. Luke penned both of these works and they are written as two parts of the same story. We will follow up Luke-Acts by reading Paul’s letters which largely connect us with many of the events in Acts. To some extent we will read them chronologically, but that will not be true all of the time.

Matthew will be the next gospel we read. We will follow it up with Hebrews and James. All three of these books have a strong Jewish focus.

Mark will be the next gospel. Peter is believed to be a critical connection to Mark so we will follow up Mark with 1 Peter and 2 Peter. We will also add Jude to our reading here. 

Finally, we will read John’s gospel, John’s letters, and Revelation (which John also penned).

Daily Reading: There are 260 chapters in the NT. That means all days will require 2-3 chapters of reading. I will plan to highlight 4 things each day as a means of giving you some thoughts about how to read the Bible.

Those 4 things will be:

  • One Observation: anything that stood out as I read
  • One Question: something I didn’t understand or would like to know more about
  • One Application: something I want to do or not do after reading, a change in thought, etc.
  • One item for prayer: what do I want to thank God for or ask God to do in response to what I read 

Feel free to write any questions or comments on the webpage for the day. I will try to respond to questions throughout the 100 days.

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  1. Day 3 Luke 6:23. “Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in Heaven”. This verse stood out to me because of a daily devotional I’m doing “Choosing Joy”. No matter what we’re going through we have to stay focused and be intentional on choosing joy! Our reward is not here on earth but in Heaven! BTW, not sure if this comment will post under day 3. Couldn’t seem to navigate to right place.

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