Day 4-April 21

Luke 7-8

Observation: John the Baptist seems to have come to the point where he is not sure Jesus is the Messiah. This may just be because he is languishing in prison and wondering why God is allowing this. Whatever the reason, it is easy for us to want Jesus to be something He is not in spite of the fact that He is always better than we think. 

Question: Why does Jesus tell these parents to not tell others about their daughter being raised to life when He tells the man who had been demon possessed to tell others what God has done for him? The simple answer is that Jesus is on a divine timetable. He will ultimately anger the religious leaders enough for them to want to kill Him, but it needs to be at just the right time. The news of this girl being raised to life would likely have sped this process up. 

Application: I want to love like I have been forgiven much (because I have).

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I praise You that You are powerful over death so I know You are powerful over all things. 

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  1. The list of lives Jesus changed in these two chapters of Luke seems beyond belief:
    the centurion’s servant, Jarius’ daughter, the woman, the demon possessed man. Even so, these are no doubt a few of the many. Jesus then talks about letting our lights shine so the Holy Spirit that is in us can continue the healing work He started. We live in a lost hurting world that needs Jesus. Shine his light today.

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