Day 5-April 22

Luke 9-10

Observation: I know I am prone to be more like Martha than Mary-doing things for God rather than enjoying spending time with God. It is hard not to see what Jesus says our priority should be. 

Question: Why do Moses and Elijah make an appearance in this chapter? I think the easy answer is that they represent the Old Testament Law and the Prophets and thus remind us that everything in the Old Testament has pointed to Jesus and what He is about to accomplish. It is also always a good reminder that they are alive and well in heaven now. 

Application: If my name being written is heaven should be central as Jesus states, how can I keep that as my source of joy?

Prayer: Lord, I pray You send abundant workers into Your harvest field. 

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  1. Prayer: Dear God, I pray we will be the workers you send into the harvest field that is right outside our front door.

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