Day 6-April 23

Luke 11-12

Observation: We find in chapter 12 the only “unpardonable sin” I can think of in the Bible. I know other traditions like to come up with their own versions of sin that cannot be forgiven. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit seems to be equal to rejecting Christ. If you reject the only means of salvation, there is no way for you to be saved. 

Question: Did Jesus come to bring peace or conflict? At the end of chapter 12, Jesus seems to say He came to bring conflict. The reality is that Jesus came to bring peace, but He is also a dividing line for all people. As such, man’s rebellion results in Jesus being the source of conflict and ultimately He will bring judgment on the earth to those who reject Him. 

Application: How can I focus on God’s care of creation in such a way that it keeps me from worrying about His care for me?

Prayer: Lord, teach me to pray by Your Spirit as You taught the disciples how to pray. 

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  1. I am so enjoying the next 100 days of the New Testament remembering stories from my childhood and vacation bible school!!

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