Day 10-April 27

Luke 19-20

Observation: Jesus clearing out the temple is always a good challenge to our impression of Him. He is obviously zealous for God and seeking to preserve true worship of God, but it is a challenge to see that Jesus can show righteous indignation when we rarely can. 

Question: What does Luke 20:18 mean? This is a confusing verse. It possibly means that to fall on Jesus is to be broken, perhaps of pride, and be saved, but to have Jesus fall on you speaks to judgment. 

Application: I want to be faithful with all that God has entrusted to me. 

Prayer: Lord, I am made in Your image and I belong to You. I submit myself entirely to You. 

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  1. I imagine little Zacchaeus, a prideful man, pulling his robes up around his knees, or maybe shedding them all together, and climbing a tree to see Jesus. We need to abandon pride as well when we seek His will in our lives.

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