Day 12-April 29

Luke 23-24

Observation: The man who believes from the cross demonstrates incredible faith to suggest that Jesus on the cross will still possess a kingdom. 

Question: Why does Jesus eat fish with the disciples? It seems like the main goal in this scene is for the disciples to believe Jesus is really there. He invites them to touch Him and eating seems to solidify for them that He is alive.

Application: We can know that death means entering God’s presence for believers thanks to Jesus saying “Today, you will be with me in paradise.”  

Prayer: Lord, give me eyes to see You in all of Your word. 


  1. It has been barely two weeks since we celebrated Resurrection Sunday. We felt the pain of the crucifixion, then the joy of the resurrection, then what? Do we quickly forget and return to our normal lives, or do we than God daily for the promise of salvation and live our lives as a testimony of His love and sacrifice. It is our decision.

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