Day 13-April 30

Acts 1-2

Observation: You learn a lot about what a church should be committed to in the closing verses of chapter 2. 

Question: What is casting lots? We don’t know everything about the practice, but it is mentioned in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. It was used to seek God’s leading in making decisions. You could likely compare it to flipping a coin or rolling dice. One key is that this is the last occurrence because the Holy Spirit leads from within believers starting in chapter 2. 

Application: As I see the Old Testament fulfilled in chapter 2, I am encouraged to trust that God is faithful to His word. How do I need to demonstrate my trust in His faithfulness?

Prayer: Lord, empower me by Your Spirit to be Your witness. 

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  1. In Acts 1:8, Jesus charges the disciples to be his witnesses first in Jerusalem. Most of us are not called to be missionaries in foreign lands, rather God has placed us in our Jerusalem (Kent’s Store, Fluvanna County, Louisa County, Goochland County). Where we are is our mission field.

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