Day 18-May 5

Acts 11-12

Observation: I have a hard time not laughing at the description of Herod’s death-eaten by words and died. God does not share His glory. 

Question: Do we have angels and do they somehow look like us? This scene where they doubt that Peter is really at the door is a good lesson in Bible interpretation. You can dig into explanations more, but the simple truth is that just because someone in the Bible believes something does not mean it is true. I think this scene is likely one of those examples where their belief is not totally valid.  

Application: I want to pray believing God will answer. I can’t help but think that their response to God answering their prayer by freeing Peter reveals they did not really believe God would answer their prayer. 

Prayer: Father, all glory is rightfully Yours. May my life result in Your glory and praise today. 

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  1. We read in Act 11:19-21 that unnamed believers left Jerusalem in fear of persecution and began sharing the Word in Antioch while the Apostles for the most part stayed in Jerusalem. Likewise, it is up to each of us, not just church leaders, to share our testimony and tell the people in our area of influence about Jesus.

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