Day 19-May 6

Acts 13-14

Observation: Acts 13 is one of the best places in scripture to see the reality of how God had promised to raise the Messiah from the grave. Take note of the verses Paul quotes from the Old Testament to prove that this event had been foretold. 

Question: What is the role of fasting today? When you start chapter 13 and see how they were fasting as part of their worship, it seems clear that this is part of their focus on seeking God and likely integral to them hearing God’s call to send Barnabas and Saul out. We have largely neglected this spiritual discipline, but perhaps passages like this will cause us to seek the Lord in fasting like they did. 

Application: It is not really the point of the passage, but Paul’s statement that David served God’s purpose in his generation and then died seems to be a good application for us. I want to serve God’s purpose fully until He calls me home. 

Prayer: Father, I pray You will call workers into Your harvest field like You did with Barnabas and Saul. Call workers from Beulah I pray. 

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  1. Paul and Barnabas have no qualms about not being politically correct. The Gentile culture worshiped multiple Greek gods, the Jewish leaders opposed them as well. But Paul and Barnabas preach Jesus.

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