Day 21-May 8

Acts 17-18

Observation: I am so grateful that God encourages us. You likely have noticed the trials Paul has been experiencing. In Corinth, God tells Paul that he can take a deep breath after these trials because he will be free of the trials for a season. What a blessing from God to Paul!

Question: How do we witness to people with no church background? One of the unique aspects of this reading is noticing that Paul started with the scriptures to share Christ until he came to Athens. In Athens he was dealing with people who had no knowledge of the scriptures so he actually started by appealing to God as Creator. 

Application: I want to be like the Bereans: always searching the scriptures to make sure that teaching I hear is Biblical. 

Prayer: God, I praise You that You give me life, and breath, and all things. 

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  1. In Chapter 17, verse 21 Luke tells us that the people of Athens spent their time telling about and listening to new things. Paul used this to his advantage, as the audience was interested in his “new ideas.” Today, the people around us are searching for new spiritual direction, many have not heard “the old, old story of Jesus and his Love.” We can use this to our advantage by sharing how accepting Jesus has changed our lives.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all Beulah moms

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