Day 22-May 9

Acts 19-20 

Observation: Take note in Paul’s speech to the Ephesian elders that they should expect attacks to come from outside the church, but also from within. 

Question: Is demon possession a reality today? When you read this scene with the seven sons of Sceva, you probably laugh. It might also make you wonder why we don’t see events like this today. The easy answer is that demonic activity like this is pretty normal in lots of places around the world. It seems like Satan uses a different strategy in the US. He seems to work to convince us that he is not real so that he can influence people’s lives in ways we don’t seem to notice as much. 

Application: Everytime I see God raise the dead in the Bible I am challenged to rely upon His power. If He raises the dead, He has power over everything I am facing. 

Prayer: Father, protect me from the attacks of the evil one today. 

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  1. In Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian elders, he acknowledges the danger he faces in returning to Jerusalem which will lead to his death. Even so, he knows he must go. Are we willing to put up with inconvenience, ridicule, and embarrassment when we are called to go to do the Lord’s work?

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