Day 24-May 11

Acts 23-24

Observation: Paul seems to manipulate the crowd with his appeal to the hope of a resurrection. Was this what God wanted him to do? I am not sure. 

Question: Was Paul’s response to being hit the right one? You might recall that Jesus told us to turn the other cheek if we were hit by someone. What is interesting is that Paul doesn’t really do that.Jesus actually didn’t either on one occasion when he was hit. Was Paul’s reaction the right one? I am not sure, but I think it does cause us to think a little deeper about the context of what Jesus was saying when He gave that instruction. 

Application: With all of the moving pieces and all of the sinfulness of men involved in Paul’s case, God is still in control. I want to live trusting He is in control in my life today.  

Prayer: Father, help me to seek to be used by You and tell others about You in the midst of good and bad circumstances. 

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  1. I have always wondered about the 40 men who took the oath not to eat or drink until Paul was dead. We know Paul had still been in prison two years after he appeared before Festus. I suspect their hunger overcame their ill conceived plan. None the less, God used them to direct Paul’s journey to Rome.

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