Day 25-May 12

Acts 25-26

Observation: Salvation is dramatic. Paul describes it as turning from darkness to light and Satan to God. There is no in between.  

Question: Should Paul have appealed to Caesar? The last verse strikes me to my heart. If only Paul hadn’t appealed to Caesar he could have been set free. In the bigger picture, God had told Paul that he would testify in Rome (Acts 23:11). Whether set free or not, his itinerary had been set so there is no point in questioning things based upon what was likely not an accurate statement that was made about his freedom. 

Application: As I said recently, I want to be so concerned with people coming to know Christ that I seek it as my goal in all circumstances. 

Prayer: Father, thank You for bringing me from Satan’s power to Your own power. 


  1. Paul has his testimony rehearsed and ready to share at a moment’s notice. Every Christian should have an “elevator testimony.” This is a short presentation of your life before you accepted Jesus, how you accepted him, and your life now that can be given in the time it takes for an elevator to reach it’s destination. The testimony should be no longer than three minutes and should be used regularly.

  2. Steve that’s a good suggestion I have never thought of that I can be so long winded sometimes that my testimony ends up as a mini series.

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