Day 26-May 13

Acts 27-28

Observation: What a calm Paul experiences in the midst of a storm and it is all due to knowing that God had spoken about what would happen and Paul believed God’s word. 

Question: Why did a poisonous snake bite not make Paul sick? It seems obvious that neither the storm nor the snake was going to stop God’s plan of getting Paul to Rome. God also often uses miracles for a bigger purpose and it certainly began a bigger story of God using His power to bless Paul and others on this island. 

Application: Trust that God is always faithful to His word. 

Prayer: Father, You have all power to heal now as You did then. I pray for healing in the lives of those around me today. 

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  1. Why did Luke choose to end the Book of Acts without telling the rest of the story?
    Scholars disagree on the answer, as well as the final outcome of Paul’s ministry in Rome. The Bible does not tell us, but it is probable he was beheaded in Rome sometime after his two year imprisonment. Regardless, God used this time to inspire Paul to write the “Prison Epistles” which make up an important part of the New Testament

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