Day 31-May 18

1 Corinthians 5-7

Observation: How practical for Paul to speak of going to court. How challenging that he would tell us to accept being wrong before we allow there to be a negative witness of Christ.  

Question: What does it mean to turn a person over to Satan? Paul seems to clearly be describing removing a person from the church. This person claims to be a Christian, but is committed to an ungodly pattern of life. The goal: that they would repent and turn back to God. Turning one over to Satan seems to just mean removing them from the church. 

Application: I want to keep the price that Jesus paid for me in the forefront of my mind so that I glorify God with my body and all of my life. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You that I get to say that I am not what I used to be because of You. I praise You for washing, sanctifying, and justifying me. 

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  1. Corinth had a reputation of sexually immoral behavior stemming from worship of fertility gods and other idols. The new converts to Christianity had been seeped in this behavior and seemed tolerant of it in the church leading Paul to write extensively about the right way to live. The culture in America likewise is accepting behavior that is contrary to God’s standards, and there is pressure for the church to compromise its values to be more in line and “tolerant.” It is up to each Christian to stand up for and reflect the moral teachings in God’s Word.

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