Day 32-May 19

1 Corinthians 8-10

Observation: There is a clear connection in these chapters about our willingness to give up our rights for the benefit of others.

Question: Is Paul saying there are other gods (8:5-6)? The easy answer is there is one true God. There are of course tons of false gods and that is what Paul is referring to. They ultimately all have the same focal point and that is Satan and demons. 

Application: What am I willing to give up so that others would know Jesus?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, keep me from temptation and the evil one’s work today. Where You allow temptation, help me to depend upon the Holy Spirit to take the way of escape You offer. 

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  1. Paul was criticized for claiming to be an apostle though he hadn’t been with the twelve during Jesus’ earthly ministry. He confirms that the Apostles and their families had every right to expect financial support, and he and Barnabas as well. Yet rather than argue and cause dissention, the pair chose to work (Paul as a tent maker) to support themselves. It is easy for us to assert our rights as Christians, but we must carefully consider will our actions advance or hinder our efforts to reach lost.

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