Day 35-May 22

2 Corinthians 1-3

Observation: When we experience difficulties in life, they serve as a reminder that we rely upon a God who raises the dead and not upon ourselves. 

Question: How does Christ lead me in triumphal procession? There are actually two possibilities. One is that Jesus has won a victory that we are part of. Two is that Jesus has conquered us (in His grace) and we are on parade as those who have been overcome. This is the historical picture as a victorious general would march defeated captives through town. Either way, we are trophies of His grace and blessed to submit to Christ. 

Application: I want to fix my eyes on Jesus so that I am transformed into the likeness of Jesus.

Prayer: God, I praise You as the Father of mercies and God of all comfort. Help me to rest in Your comfort as I experience any trials today. 

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  1. In the first few verses of Chapter 3, Paul writes that the Corinthian believers (and we in turn) are human pages of the Bible that the world sees. What do people see when they read you? Do you reflect the love of Jesus?

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