Day 36-May 23

2 Corinthians 4-6

Observation: It is hard not to feel the effect of bodies wearing out. What a great hope in these verses to fix our eyes on heaven in the midst of this experience. 

Question: How does standing before the judgment seat of Christ impact how I live? An interesting note is that the word here for judgment seat is different than what is described in other places. It describes a seat of reward (think Olympic medals). As such, Paul is not describing whether they would go to heaven or hell, but more or less reward for faithfulness for those already going to hell. Other passages describe non-believers in judgment. 

Application: My weakness is ultimately necessary as a means of God working through me to show His power. I want others to see Jesus, not me. 

Prayer: Father, empower me to live as an ambassador for Christ. Help me to see and take advantage of opportunities to tell others about Jesus. 

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  1. At times when I feel overwhelmed Paul’s words in Chapter 4, verses 8-10 about being hard pressed, perplexed, persecuted and struck down, but still unconquered confirm that, like Paul, I am moving in the right direction. The easy way is the way of the world. The hard way makes us rely on God with the assurance that in the end Jesus will prevail.

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