Day 38-May 25

2 Corinthians 10-12

Observation: Can you believe the amount of trials Paul went through to serve Jesus? When you read through his list in chapter 11 it is hard not to be humbled at his suffering and challenged by his perseverance. 

Question: Who is this man Paul describes as being caught up to heaven? In all likelihood Paul is talking about himself as the verses that follow suggest. God gave Paul an unusual glimpse into heaven that Paul seems unable to talk about or describe. 

Application: I have to get to the place that Paul embraced where I stop only complaining or even praying about weaknesses and difficulties and submit them to God so that He shows His power through them. 

Prayer: Father, as Paul describes the purity and devotion a Christian should have in relation to Christ, I declare that I want that to be true of me. Help me to rid my life of the things that compete for my devotion to Jesus. 

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  1. Paul repeats his claim of being “Bold in Christ” a number of times. Are we likewise bold, or are we “secret Christians”? Do the people in our realm of influence know what we are?

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