Day 39-May 26

2 Corinthians 13; Galatians 1-2

Observation: Sometimes people will suggest that we should never correct anyone else. Who am I to judge, right? Paul clearly doesn’t follow that model (neither does the Bible). Paul’s correction of Peter reminds us that when God’s word is being disobeyed by people who say that they are Christians, we need to be willing to confront the person and do so in wisdom and love.

Question: Who is Cephas? Some Bibles will just use the word Peter in Galatians 1-2, but most will call Peter by the nickname Jesus gave him-Cephas (rock). That is pretty critical to understanding these chapters. 

Application: As Paul describes Jesus being crucified in weakness and raised in power, it seems clear that Paul sees this as a pattern for our lives. We live with inherent weakness and yet God shows His power in that weakness.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I submit myself to You. I have been crucified with You that You would live through me. Do so more and more. 

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  1. Paul made one trip to Jerusalem three years after his Damascus experience and here he relates the outcome of his second trip fourteen years later. He is still confronted by those who insist that Gentiles must be circumcised to become Christians. Finally, by meeting privately with the church leaders he convinced them that Gentiles were free to become Christians without the trappings of the law. Our Christian witness, likewise is most effective in a one on one basis,

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