Day 41-May 28

Galatians 6; Romans 1-2

Observation: In Romans 1, it is very notable that no one is ignorant of God. God has revealed Himself to everyone and the question is whether we receive that revelation or suppress it. 

Question: Are we supposed to carry our own burdens or help each other carry burdens? There seems to be a conflict in the opening verses of Galatians 6. The solution is found in the fact that Paul uses a different word in the two verses. We carry each other’s burdens and carry our own load. The bottom line is that we should rely upon God to supply our needs as we faithfully serve Him. At the same time, we should be looking to help others and willing to receive help. 

Application: Am I ashamed of the gospel? Is that why I am unwilling to share Jesus with others at times? 

Prayer: Father, I praise You that I get to say I am loved by You. Thank you for setting me apart and making me a saint alongside Your children. 


  1. Our culture has become tolerant and even accepting of the very acts Paul lists in Romans Chapter 1. But before we condemn other individuals and even denomination, we need to remember that a sin is a sin no matter how large or small. In In Chapter 2 (21-23), Paul warns his readers (including us), to make sure our lives are free of sin before we speak out.

  2. I keep reverting back to yesterday’s scriptures and Steve’s comments about our salvation is a free gift but we keep wanting to attach strings to it. I find myself doing exactly that at times and not feeling that I measure up. Praise Jesus that there are no contests and he excepts me with all my flaws and shortcomings!

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