Day 43-May 30

Romans 6-8

Observation: When Paul describes being dead to sin and tells us to not let sin reign in our mortal bodies, it is clear he is saying we do not have to sin. Sometimes it feels like temptation is overwhelming, but the Spirit inside us is sufficient in all temptation. 

Question: Is Paul a wretched sinner? The latter part of Romans 7 has resulted in lots of debate throughout the years. Is Paul talking about his life before Christ or his life as a Christian (there is another option or two as well)? I think he is describing the struggle as a Chrsitian as we walk with Christ and thus we should be encouraged as we battle sin. Especially when we see his conclusion in chapter 7 and the start of chapter 8.

Application: I need to daily pray and offer myself to God to serve Him in righteousness instead of choosing sin. 

Prayer: Father, I praise You that nothing can separate me from Your love. 

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  1. In Romans 8:31, Paul asks the question “If God is for us, who can be against us?” But what does it require for God to be for us? Is it enough to have the t-shirt or bumper sticker? Paul answers the question in the verses that follow when he tells us that God sent his Son to die for our sins, and only when we have faith enough to truly accept Christ as our Savior will the love of God protect us.

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