Day 44-May 31

Romans 9-11

Observation: These three chapters are strongly linked in theme as Paul talks about how the Jews, who are God’s chosen people, are missing out on God’s love for them in Jesus. Yet, Paul is making it clear that God is still faithful and that there is still a future for the Jews. 

Question: Does God hate Esau? We have to take note that this quotation comes from Malachi, written long after the birth of these twins not before their birth. The emphasis is on the fact that God chose for the family line of Jesus to go through Jacob not Esau. Later, God shows His faithfulness in continuing to show grace to Jacob’s family in spite of their sin, but chooses to stop showing grace to Esau’s line and brings judgment. 

Application: I am reminded of the need to just give thanks to God for His grace towards me that offers me salvation when I know I could never deserve it. 

Prayer: Father, I praise You for Your wisdom and knowledge. No one compares to You. 

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  1. Through these chapters Paul’s writings express his great grief that his people, the Jews, have rejected the Gospel. Do we feel the same sorrow when our friends, family members, and acquaintances insist that “I’m good,” or “I don’t need that,” when confronted by the truth of God’s Word? What do we do? Do we say, “Oh well, I tried,” and move on? Or do we pray for more opportunities to share and for God to soften hearts?

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