Day 46-June 2

Romans 15-16; Philemon 1

Observation: Paul’s statements in Philemon on behalf of Onesimus sound very similar to how Jesus serves as our substitute. Take note of what Jesus has done and how that might impact how we sacrificially love others. 

Question: How did the Jews miss all of the Old Testament statements about the Gentiles? I am sure there are a variety of answers, but it does cause me concern as to how my biases might cause me to miss what God is saying in His word. 

Application: I really want to receive and accept others the way Jesus accepts me. I long for our church to live this out. 

Prayer: God of patience and comfort, cause our church to be like-minded and to glorify You with one mind and one mouth. 

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  1. Paul presents long lists of names of people, some with brief notations of what they had done. I expect these were ordinary people who did ordinary things, but lived out their commitments to produce extraordinary results. Would Paul have included our names in his lists?

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