Day 52-June 8

1 Timothy 2-4

The closing section in 1 Timothy 2 is one that challenges me. I have never taught all the way through 1 Timothy so I am looking forward to digging into it more one day. I think the Bible teaches equality among men and women and yet a difference in role in the church. I may not understand all of that, but I can’t just cast aside everything about role differences by claiming that all of his statements were cultural and are now irrelevant. Some things we just have to keep wrestling with.

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  1. Paul opens Chapter 4 with a prediction that some will depart from the faith. In the United States, this has certainly proven true. A 2020 Gallup poll showed that American who identified themselves as Christians has dropped from 90% in 1971 to 69% in 2020. The percentage of Americans with no religious preference has risen from 4% to 21%. What is the remedy? Training ourselves in the Word of God so we know the truth, and setting the example for others to see.

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