Day 59-June 15

Matthew 7-8

Matthew 7:1 and following might be the most often quoted and most misunderstood verse in the Bible. It is used to suggest we can never say a person’s behavior is wrong (who are we to judge?). The reality is that it speaks to a wrong heart in speaking to others. It is extremely clear in scripture that Christians warn other Christians about sinful patterns and behaviors that are visible.

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  1. Starting in Matthew 7:15, Jesus talks about recognizing false prophets by the fruit they produce. Can the same standard be applied to us? What fruit are we producing? Good fruit, bad fruit, or no fruit at all?
    In the spring, the beautiful white blossoms of Bradford pear trees line driveways of houses in our neighborhoods. The fruit these trees produce is a tiny, inedible drupe that either falls to the ground, or is eaten by birds that have spread the seeds to the point that the trees have been classified as invasive weeds,
    At the edge of one of my pasture fields is a tall, spindly, twisted pear tree of unknown lineage. It produces fine, juicy pears that are relished by the cows and other wildlife. I’ve enjoyed a pear or two myself when I passed by and could pull off a fine fruit.
    So how about us? People may look at us and say they look like Christians, but what does God see? Are we producing a drupe, a pear, or nothing at all?

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