Day 62-June 18

Matthew 13-14

The parable of the mustard seed and the parable of the yeast both encourage me. Sometimes it seems like the church of Christ has no influence in the world. Just give it time and you will come to find it will permeate everything.

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  1. Humans read or hear words, but they see in pictures. When truths are communicated through common objects, we see pictures that helps us understand the story that is being told. The casual listener may go away confused, or conclude that it was a nice story. The sincere student looks for a deeper meaning.
    In 13:13-15, Jesus quotes Isaiah 6:9 that many who hear and see him will not understand what he says. Later in verses 34-35, He quotes from David’s Psalm 78 relating that the messages of the parables are nothing new, but have been kept secret because readers and listeners have been unwilling to probe deep into the Word.
    Lets commit to study and understand, not just read.

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