Day 66-June 22

Matthew 21-22

The last part of Matthew 22 is this great reminder of the mysteries in God’s word. As Jesus pointed out, it is hard to explain verse 44 apart from God doing something that is out of the norm.

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  1. The parable of the wedding feast can be interpenetrated at different levels. Certainly in the context of Jesus’ impending crucifixion we see the rejection of Jesus as the Messiah by the Jewish people. A modern view focuses on our response to God’s invitation to accept his invitation of salvation through his Son. Many people will reject the invitation because they see it as less important than the things of the world. Others will strike back at the messengers. Finally, a few on the “B” list will receive the invitation and come, but without the proper attire (accepting Jesus), they are thrown out.
    One of the lies of Satan is that a loving God would never condemn his children to an eternity of separation from Him. This parable clearly points out the truth is God offers salvation to everyone, and rejection has severe consequences. The consequences are more severe for those who proclaim to accept the invitation, but have never truly accepted in their hearts

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