Day 72-June 28

Hebrews 7-9

The mystery of God’s plan to raise up Melchizedek in Genesis, refer to him once in Psalms, and then use him as a type that would point to how Jesus will serve as our Great High Priest is astounding.

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  1. In Genesis 12, God made a covenant with Abraham that created the Jewish nation. In Exodus 24, Moses received God’s instructions (covenant) that established the sacrificial system that shed animals blood for the sins of men. In 2 Samuel 7, God established a covenant with David to formalize the process of sacrifice through building the temple, The writer of Hebrews demonstrated that the New covenant of Jesus Christ makes the old covenants obsolete. We don’t need human priests offering thousands of animal sacrifices when we have our mediator who’s blood was already shed sitting at the right hand of God.

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