Day 75-July 1

James 3-5

Perhaps the most accepted sins in the Christian community are sins of speech. James definitely makes it clear how difficult it is for people to control their speech. We are reminded that Jesus says that the mouth speaks out of the overflow of the heart. There seems to be no greater indication of what is going on in a person’s heart than the words we hear.

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  1. In chapter 4, James reminds us that we can’t be friends with the world without being an enemy of God. This seems extreme, and we may try to rationalize our thoughts by asking why we can’t sit on the fence and be friends with both? The fact is the world will pull us off the fence every time, Although we may climb back up, our relationship with God is compromised every time we go to the other side and eventually we may loose the desire and strength to try to get back up. The answer is to stay on God’s side.

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