Day 76-July 2

Mark 1-3

Praise Jesus as the one who can forgive sin! He can forgive sin because He is God. He also is the one who paid the penalty for sin in order that God is just in forgiving sin and making righteous in His sight.

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  1. In verses 41-45, we read about a leper that comes to Jesus to be cured. The Gospels relate that Jesus cures people with a word, a prayer, or even touching the hem of his garment. In this incident He actually touches the man to cure him. This is significant because Jewish law forbids touching anyone with the disease. Jesus then instructed the man to go to the priest for the cleansing ceremony found in Numbers and Leviticus. Since leprosery was incurable at that time, chances are the ceremony had never been actually performed. This let the priests know that the Messiah was among them.

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