Day 77-July 3

Mark 4-6

Weaving together the account of the woman being healed and the girl being raised from the dead is fascinating. Take time to notice some of the similarities and differences. I’ll get you started: the girl was 12 years old and the woman was sick for 12 years.

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  1. The country of the Gadarenes (Mark 5:1-17) where Jesus healed the demon possessed man, sent the demons into the swine, is the same area as the land of Gennesaret (Mark 6:23). In Chapter 5, after sending the demon possessed herd of swine into the sea, the residents pleaded with Jesus to go away. The healed man ask to go with Jesus, but He told him to stay and tell what happened.

    When Jesus returns in Mark 6, he is met by crowds waiting to be healed. What happened? The answer is the testimony of the man left behind, We should be as bold in sharing what Jesus has done in our lives. Not just with our church friends, but with people who have rejected Jesus and told him to go away

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