Day 81-July 7

Mark 16; 1 Peter 1-2

We recognize that we don’t have the original manuscripts of God’s word. On the other hand, we have piles of manuscripts. While there is some variation, the sheer number of manuscripts help us to recognize when something doesn’t seem to be original. The end of Mark fits that category.

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  1. Peter quotes Isaiah 40: 6-8 when he says that “the Word of the Lord endures forever.”
    In 303 AD, the Roman Emperor decreed that all copies of the Scriptures were to be burned. In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church demanded confiscation and destruction of the Bible. Hitler’s and Russian troops gathered Bibles in town squares and burned them. Segments of our society today would see the Bible and its words banned from public display.
    But the Bible endures. Why? Because it is not just a book. It is the supernaturally inspired Word of God. In spite of the attacks, it will endure forever.

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