Day 85-July 11

John 3-5

John 3:36 makes it clear that we are currently under God’s wrath because of sin and Jesus offers us a way to be free from this wrath.

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  1. The story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well makes the point that Jesus was willing to violate the cultural norms of the time. The fact the Jesus brought his disciples into Samaria in the first place was a major issue. Follow this with a Jewish man talking to a Gentile woman, especially one who was living in sin, must have raised a bunch of red flags. But the disciples did not risk questioning him. Why then, should we question taking an opportunity to share our experiences of Jesus’ love changing our lives when it seems “politically incorrect,” or could result in rejection or humiliation?
    Today’s culture says we should quietly promote “relational Christianity” and perhaps someone will see our actions, become interested and approach us. Jesus took the initiative when He asked the woman for a drink. We should be bold as well

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