Day 86-July 12

John 6-8

One of the great highlights in this gospel is the “I Am” statements that John writes about. In chapter 8, we see the basic statement made by Jesus that makes it clear He is claiming to be God.

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  1. After Jesus and his disciples fed the 5,000 in John 6, the crowds followed him intently, not for his teachings, but for another free lunch. The reason those seeking him want to make him their king is because he had filled their bellies. Even the disciples seem to become obsessed with physical food.
    When Jesus turns the conversation from being filled physically to being filled spiritually, especially to the point of being totally dependent on him by “eating his flesh and drinking his blood,” we are told that many people left.
    How about us? Are we willing to move beyond just showing up at church on Sunday and truly commit ourselves to Jesus. Are we willing to set aside the time daily to pray and study God’s Word? Are we willing to live our lives in obedience to Him. I suggest that one can still show at church, and attend church functions, and enjoy the fellowship, and sing the songs and listen to the pastor’s message and still not be walking with Jesus. I pray that is not us.

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