Day 88-july 14

John 12-14

It is amazing to watch John spend so much time on such a short part of the life of Jesus. In these chapters we go from 6 days before the cross to focusing on the night before the cross.

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  1. I have always been confounded by the story of the Greeks who asked Phillip if they could see Jesus. John takes the time to report it, but we are never told “the rest of the story.” So, while we’ll never know if they got an audience with Jesus or not, clearly God does not seem to think that important. What is important is it gives Jesus a forum to school those present on the outcome of his impending death. He likens it to a grain of wheat planted so it can produce a new plant. The new plant is the New Covenant that will make salvation available to everyone including both the Jews and Gentiles who seek him.

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