Day 89-July 15

John 15-17

John 17 is the longest prayer we have from Jesus and it holds such treasure for us as we see this intimacy between the Father and Son and also His care for us as He includes us in the prayer.

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  1. In Chapter 17, starting with verse 14, Jesus confirms with the Father that since receiving His word (Logos), the disciples are no longer a part of the world. While “His Word” could mean the teachings of Jesus, it is also the name John uses for Jesus in the opening words of his writings.
    The point is, I think, when we first take His Word (the Bible) to heart, and invite Jesus into our hearts, we should no longer be a part of the world. Not that we should isolate ourselves from society. We need to be witnesses for Jesus. We should make our priorities and our focus Jesus. We are warned that we will be hated for it, but that cannot dissuade us from declaring Jesus is in us, and we are following Him.

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