Day 95-July 21

Revelation 5-7

One critical aspect of understanding Revelation is to take note that all that happens is found in this scroll that contains God’s will and that it is Jesus who is opening the scroll and bringing forth God’s will. At the very least this should remove fear from the children of God as to what is coming.

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  1. Roman law required that a will had to be sealed with seven seals. Each seal was a string wrapped around the scroll that was secured with a wax seal. This supports one idea (there are many) that the scroll Jesus is opening is God’s final settlement concerning the affairs of humans on earth. The emphasis is not so much on what is written on the scroll, but who is opening it.
    In these Chapters, we only make it through the first six seals which culminate with a description of heaven for those who persevere in staying loyal to the Lamb.

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