Day 100-July 26

Revelation 20-22

John’s prayer should become our prayer: “Come Lord Jesus!”

Congratulations on finishing the New Testament. Let me know if you want some thoughts on where to go in your daily reading.

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  1. Again note the contrast. In there chapters we see the horrible end for the unbelievers following the White Throne judgement and the beauty of New Jerusalem for the believers.
    I am conflicted. I see the world that we are living in now that rejects God and Jesus. A world that seems to revel in the killing of the unborn and can’t see that pushing God out of our schools and public arenas has resulted in violence and killing. I see our country’s and world leaders claiming to be Christians, yet their actions prove otherwise. I pray for Jesus to return to set the world straight. Am I wrong for wanting to see his vengeance played out on this sinful world?
    At the same time, I pray for a little more time before Jesus returns to reach the lost souls around us. I pray for a little more time for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of the unbelievers to open them to the truth of the Gospel. I pray for a little more time for our country and our leaders to return to God.
    So all I can do is repeat Jesus’ words to The Father: “Your will be done.”

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