Posts from June 2022

Day 73-June 29

Hebrews 10-12 When I read through what is known as the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11, I am reminded that I don’t always see things the way God does. I definitely would not have Jephthah in this list. It is a good reminder for me to look at myself and others from God’s perspective.

Day 69-June 25

Matthew 27-28 Everything in our faith is dependent upon the resurrection. Matthew’s statements about the resurrection actually help us in thinking through a defense of the resurrection. Since no one really debates the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. No one debates the death of Jesus. The explanations against the resurrection come down to things like…

Day 67-June 23

Matthew 23-24 Matthew 24 is one of the hardest chapters I have ever studied. I have come across a few different ways to understand it, but none is totally convincing. Here is the good news…the application remains the same for us. This passage is telling us to live ready for Jesus to return.