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Day 79-July 5

Mark 10-12 When I see Jesus confound the religious leaders by quoting the words of David about his son also being his Lord, I acknowledge that God’s ways are higher than ours. I figure they thought they understood that verse. What truths from scripture are we missing in terms of God’s ways being higher than…

Day 78-July 4

Mark 7-9 In chapter 9 we have the transfiguration of Jesus. Jesus revealed His true glory for a moment. What will it be like to be in Jesus’ presence when His prayer for John 17 is answered and we see the glory He has always had with the Father?

Day 77-July 3

Mark 4-6 Weaving together the account of the woman being healed and the girl being raised from the dead is fascinating. Take time to notice some of the similarities and differences. I’ll get you started: the girl was 12 years old and the woman was sick for 12 years.

Day 75-July 1

James 3-5 Perhaps the most accepted sins in the Christian community are sins of speech. James definitely makes it clear how difficult it is for people to control their speech. We are reminded that Jesus says that the mouth speaks out of the overflow of the heart. There seems to be no greater indication of…