Day 98-July 24

Revelation 14-16 Chapter 15 reminds us that one of the key characteristics of God is His justice. He would not be God without this. People who are killed for being Christians would never be able to worship God apart from His justice. He is rightly praised in this chapter for bringing justice on the earth.

Day 97-July 23

Revelation 11-13 Chapter 13, verses 9-10 are challenging. God tells His people they may be killed by persecutors. He doesn’t offer any other explanation other than the encouragement that this calls for us to patiently endure through the difficulty.

Day 96-July 22

Revelation 8-10 For all of our questions about Revelation, they are primarily contained in chapters 6-18. You can gain a good grasp of the book in the chapters preceding and following this section. Today’s reading is a challenging one. I would point out that the reading ends with a picture that I think is expressing…

Day 95-July 21

Revelation 5-7 One critical aspect of understanding Revelation is to take note that all that happens is found in this scroll that contains God’s will and that it is Jesus who is opening the scroll and bringing forth God’s will. At the very least this should remove fear from the children of God as to…

Day 94-July 20

Revelation 2-4 The letters to these seven churches are full of treasures. One of my favorites is Jesus telling the church in Thyatira that they are doing what He expects. He adds no other burden to them. They merely need to hold fast until He returns. So many well meaning Christians are always overwhelmed as…