Reaching Our Community

We exist to glorify God my growing disciples of Jesus Christ!
As a church, we believe that God is the greatest treasure!  We believe He alone is the hope of all people.  As such, we believe it is our privilege to tell others about the hope and life they find in Jesus.  We begin by praying for the homes in our community.  This began with three driving routes around our church that consisted of approximately 300 homes.  We now have more than 25 roads near our church that we ask members to adopt and pray for on a weekly basis.
Step two has been for our pastor to visit these homes to inform them of our church’s prayers for them.  He then inquires as to how we can pray more specifically for them.
Step three has been for the church to return to these homes with a small, simple gift.  The church gives this gift as a simple reminder of God’s love for each person.
We then continue to pray and seek to be available to our community in addition to offering occasional events and other opportunities where we go to community groups to show them God’s love.
Other local activities we participate in:  Regular visits to King’s Nursing Home, road clean-up on the section of road that runs along the church, a Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat, and Vacation Bible School.