A Message from Our Pastor

I want to let you know how grateful I am that you are visiting our church online.  We have a great church family and we would love to have you become part of our church family.  Take a few moments to look through our website to learn about our church.
  • You will find out basic information like when we meet and how to get to our church.
  • You will find out why we exist as a church and how we seek to fulfill God’s calling for His church.
  • You will learn about our church history, our beliefs, and how we function as a church family.
With all of that information, I strongly encourage you to be our guest on a Sunday morning.  That way you can see in real life what our church family is about and how we seek to encourage you to become a committed disciple of Jesus Christ.  If you have ever heard the song “Beulah Land”, you know the message of the song of a Christian’s desire for his eternal home (Heaven).  At Beulah, we believe you will find a church home on earth, but always remember the eternal home that God offers you.
In Christ,Pastor Jason Taylor


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